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Alternative media broadcaster and author Alan Watt is an enigma.  He comes off as a very “odd duck” to me, and others, I am without a doubt certain.  A recluse living in a remote area of Canada, Watt, with his thick Scottish brogue, gives the impression that he is of dubious mental health, to my way of thinking, at least.

The fact that Watt appears with regularity on the Alex Jones Show also makes me highly suspicious of Watt.   Watt is a host on John Stadtmiller’s Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN), a rival network of Jones’ network, Ted Anderson’s Genesis Communications Network (GCN), and, not unlike the very few others who are guests on Genesis programs but who host elsewhere (Wayne Madsen, for instance), Watt is not permitted to mention that fact.  Watt, not unlike Jones, gives the general impression that he is very nearly destitute and almost continuously carps about donations to support his “work.”

There is a very interesting post at the Outlaw Journalism site.

The following quotation appears multiple times on the Internet and was even posted to Jones’ Prison Planet Forum, then mysteriously removed.  However, I did a little research and found that it originated on the Nowhere to Run/Pod-O-Matic website:

This is an Interview with Andre from Outlaw Journalism, Andre recently wrote an article which strongly suggest that Alan Watt’s books and a great majority of his information came from a man named Glen Kealey.

“Alan says he only talked to Kealey ‘once in the nineties’ and Kealey says Alan called him for “weeks on end” to “pick his brain” and that Watt copied his material, “never gave him credit for being the originator of all the ideas” but Kealey said he wasn’t in it for the money anyway. Watt then accused Andre and his forum of death threats and made some bizarre threats himself about the cops watching the outlaw forum now and other things.

“This interview was to set the record straight and to deny accusations of death threats.

Click here to listen to the audio archive of this program.

Watt has authored several books and appears to rely solely on royalties and donations from generous followers. There is, however, a great deal of evidence available on the Internet that much of Watt’s work is plagiarized, mostly from someone by the name of Glen Kealy. When confronted with this evidence, Watt becomes extremely defensive, which is, I suppose, a natural reaction. It is, however, Watt’s manner of defense which raises my eyebrows. I will make no further comment on this aspect of Watt’s career, excepting to say that I suggest you do your own research and make your own decision.

Click to Listen to Alan Watt calling Alex Jones a “Zionist.”
Brian Brown on Alan Watt

 Click to Listen to Alan Watt calling Alex Jones a “Zionist.”

When confronted by a caller on his radio program. listen to how Watt reacts:

Click here to listen to Alan Watt being confronted by a caller on March 19, 2009.  This broadcast was edited on Watt’s archives.

Click to Watch Alan Watt: Lies, Threats and Plagiarism.Brian Brown on Alan WattClick to Watch Alan Watt: Lies, Threats and Plagiarism.

So, having said that, just allow me to say that I do not think that Alan Watt is completely credible.  There are many others who share this opinion, so I am not alone. From a pure psychological standpoint, I think that Watt has, at a minimum, an antisocial personality disorder, along with the attending paranoia.  This is more than adequately demonstrated by his reclusiveness.   And while I, unlike others, would not go so far as to qualify Watt as a sociopath nor a psychopath, he does, in point of face, tend to exhibit some of these traits, which is only manifested when he is confronted or under pressure, such as when he is challenged on the veracity of his statements and other frequent accusatory remarks, and in particular when he is accused of plagiarism.

It is regrettable that people like John Stadtmiller of RBN, Alex Jones, and their ilk see fit to give credence to Watt, since, in my humble opinion, this only makes the rest of us look like “crazies” or the proverbial “conspiracy nuts,” as it were, primarily because Watt has authored several books.  And while I understand that Alex Jones would entertain Watt on his program, since Jones himself has promoted a “conspiracy nut” image of himself, mostly to remain in the sidelines of the mainstream media, I fail to see why the ordinarily restrained Stadtmiller would do so. John, are you so starved for talent on RBN or are you hoping that Watt’s notoriety will help promote your network?  Get a clue, John.  Don’t lower your network to that of GCN.  Certainly RBN is above all of that aggrandizing self-promotion that Jones brings to GCN.   You may think that you would like all of the mainstream media attention that Jones garners, but they are actually portraying him, and, by extension, the entire Patriot Movement, as “crazies.”  Is that what you want?  If so, then you are no Patriot, John.

All things considered, Alan Watt does, in point of fact, provide some useful information.  But not unlike Alex Jones, David Icke,  and others, it is intermixed with the bizarre, peculiar, and strange bits of information and conjecture that have no basis in fact and only serve to make the average person skeptical of their entire presentation.  This regrettable situation only serves to make a laughingstock out of the presenter, in this case Watt, but is an extreme disservice to the Patriot Movement as a whole.  I do not want Watt, Jones, Icke, or any of the other “crazies” representing the Movement whatsoever!  Unfortunately, these are the very people that the mainstream media puts out to the public as typical “Patriots,” and that is exactly why they do so.  Think about it for a moment.

In all fairness, however, I do enjoy Watt’s presentations.  He, not unlike Alex Jones and others of their ilk, do have a wealth of information, which must, of course, be independently vetted.  He does possess a depth and breadth of knowledge of information and appears to be very thorough in his subject matter, regardless of one’s opinion of its content.  Personally, I happen to be in agreement with Watt on much of his thinking, I daresay that most others do as well.

I guess like any other personality, Watt has his detractors, and I do not count myself as one.  Whether or not he is, in fact, a plagiarist really remains to be seen.  Watt also has his loyalists who rise to his defense at every opportunity and who devour every concept that he emits, perhaps without not doing their own due diligence, either because their unwilling or unable to do so.  You must make your own decision.

You know that you have “made it” when they parody you on a parody of the adult cartoon series South Park:

Click to Watch Alan Watt Parodied in a Clever Parody on South Park.Alan Watt South Park parody Brian Brown on Alan Watt

Click to Watch Alan Watt Parodied in a Clever Parody on South Park.

I rest my case.

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