"It Was Russia!" "It Was Russia!" "Yes, Russia Did It; That’s the Ticket!"


Recently I was watching one of the old M*A*S*H episodes that had some parallels to today’s mainstream news.

The theme of the episode was based upon the imaginary childhood friend of the main character, Captain Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce, M.D., who was portrayed by actor Alan Alda.

During the episode Hawkeye told about his imaginary friend, he called his imaginary friend Tuttle. Whenever he did something wrong he would always blame Tuttle. If he was asked who broke the lamp or who wet the bed the answer was always Tuttle did it.

While I agree that the old M*A*S*H show is fiction and for entertainment purposes, it reminds me of the fixation the mainstream media seems to have about Russians.

The left-wingers and the mainstream media are all cut from the same cloth. I guess they have been indoctrinated as liberals and accept that belief as gospel.

The defeat of Hillary Clinton last fall absolutely shook them to the core. Instead of accepting the fact that Clinton was a poor candidate and her philosophies were diametrically opposed to the founding of this nation, all they can do is blame the Russians for her defeat.

Ever since the election the left has attacked president Trump and made countless accusations of collusion between people in his campaign staff and the Russian government; so far all of the allegations are just that, nothing has been proven.

As far as I am concerned The Left are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites, during the 2012 election cycle the left and the media mocked and made fun of Mitt Romney for saying that the Russians were a problem now the Russians are all they can talk about.

Where was their outrage when then-president Obama was caught on an open mike telling an official from the Russian government to tell Vladimir Putin that he would have more flexibility on nuclear negotiations after he was re-elected.

Another example was when president Obama used taxpayer money and resources in an attempt to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, the silence of the media spoke volumes. When Hillary Clinton arranged the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium supply to the Russians the mainstream media evidently didn’t even consider it news worthy.

Now the media is seeing Russians behind every tree and they are trying to take down a president with unfounded accusations.

The Left (which include the mainstream media) are becoming like a bunch of pickpockets, they are trying to distract the American people while they attempt to disrupt the president’s agenda. There has been hard evidence of Russian collusion with US officials, it just happens to have occurred during the Obama presidency.

Imaginary childhood friends are a way for children to cope with growing up, but eventually they do grow up and no longer need their imaginary friend. The Left needs to grow up and start taking responsibility for their shortcomings and stop blaming the Russians for everything.

Spy vs. Spy Cartoon
Spy vs. Spy Cartoon

The American people are starting to get a can full of this constant drumbeat about the Russians and the attempt to sway public opinion with nothing more than a witch hunt. Maybe the mainstream media would sound more credible if they would just say that Tuttle did it.

Oh… Be sure to read the credits at the end!

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